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What I'm About


Image by Angela Ruscheinski

I'm Jessica, and I love adventure, natural light, dogs, and big windows. I'm a photographer based out of Langley, BC, but totally into travelling! Whether that's one city over , up to Whistler, or somewhere exotic, I'm up for the adventure. I love shooting portraits, couples being my favourite! Capturing emotion between two people, and creating stills of those looks couples give one another gets my heart going.  

I studied Fine Arts and received a Bachelor's Degree from the University of the Fraser Valley. My three distinctions were painting, print making, and photography. With that I fell in love with the medium and studied film photography for 4 years. Now my work reflects that study, with images that have creamy tones and grain reminiscent of analog cameras. I work to capture the mood of the moment, and would love to capture the romance between you and yours. 


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